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“I worked with Sara from end 2013 through 2015 on a series of live webinar events addressing religious literacy and religion in schools. Sara has an astute understanding of quality professional development components and inclusive teaching practices and is a natural at engaging educators in online learning. Throughout the project, Sara maintained clear communication, adherence to pre-determined timelines and unfaltering attention to detail. She easily adapts her expertise to meet the goals of a project and incorporate the ideas of the group while continuing to be a learner herself. She is committed to developing educators in culturally responsive, anti-bias teaching practices. Sara’s guidance helped us to deliver engaging and valuable virtual professional development to the Tanenbaum and Teaching Tolerance audience that continues to be accessed today. I hope to work with her again.”


-Mark Fowler, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding


“We reached out to Ms. Sara Wicht for consulting services, because two members of our administrative team had worked with her previously and knew she was a master teacher. We were familiar with her commitment to continuous professional development and collaboratively sharing best instructional practices with colleagues. The training she provided our faculty in cooperative learning strategies during two visits to our school was extremely well planned and delivered, at a reasonable price. Feedback from faculty was entirely positive, and the strategies learned are being practiced in classrooms throughout our school. I highly recommend her consulting services.”


-Erich Heise, Ed.D., Superintendent, American School of Recife, Brazil


“Sara Wicht was an excellent speaker and her presentation was informative and useful.” 

-Participant in “Confronting Bias: Facilitating Difficult Conversations in the Classroom” workshop,

IL Holocaust Museum and Education Center, Skokie, IL, October 2016


“Ever since I met Sara in the late 1990s, when she attended a Anne Frank House teacher seminar in Minnesota, I have been impressed with her drive, professionalism and dedication to issues of human rights issues and combating intolerance. Her tireless work has clearly propelled her into the position of an expert on these issues. Due to her expertise, she was the perfect person to build the bridge between two widely respected institutions: the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. Her work and time investment has been of great importance for the Anne Frank House, since she supervised an Anne Frank House intern at the SPLC for several months in 2015, has advised the Anne Frank House on several of its key activities and has also set up the first joint webinar between the Anne Frank House and the SPLC, to take place in April 2017.”


-Barry van Driel, Secretary General of the International Association for Intercultural Education and

Education Director, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam


"It was my pleasure to work with Sara Wicht at Teaching Tolerance, the educational branch of the Southern Poverty Law Center, for the past two years. I was a freelance writer of lesson plans and other tools for teachers, and Sara was my point of contact there. The experience was really one of my favorite collaborations ever! Expectations were clear from the outset, with templates and schedules available from the start. Editorial comments were graciously suggested and made total sense. Sara made me feel like a valued member of the team, working toward something bigger and better than the current words on the page. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough."


-Kathy Kinsner. Senior Manager, Parenting Resources, Zero to Three


“I have worked with Sara Wicht since 2014 through a partnership between the Museum of Tolerance and Teaching Tolerance to bring Perspectives for a Diverse America to CA educators. As a chief developer of the curriculum, Sara brings incomparable knowledge and insight to these trainings. Her ability to engage a diverse participant group while delivering rigorous professional development is unmatched. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with her to bring high quality teacher trainings to the Museum.” 


-Beverly Lemay, Museum of Tolerance, a Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum, LA

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for your amazing Facebook session tonight. I am so proud to know you and appreciate your mentorship more than you could know. I learn so much every time I'm in your presence or listen to you or read your writing. Tonight was awesome! You are so inspiring."

-Education Director, Barrow Street Nursery School at Greenwich House, NYC

"Sara's presentations were incredibly jammed packed with so much powerful content! I wanted more time with her!"


-Museum of Tolerance Participant, June 2020

"The work that you're doing to help us lean into being more of who we say we are, fully, is not the norm.

It should be, though. Thank you."

-Elementary Educator, Riverdale Country School

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