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Some of Our Projects & Clients

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Wicht Consulting was founded in 2016 with a goal to offer customized professional development in anti-bias education to K-12 schools. This internally driven, deeper dive PD approach believes that sustained support of practitioners is where long-term impact can happen in our schools. 

Wicht has 27 years of experience in K-12 education, and her work in social justice and anti-bias education includes expertise in instructional practice, teacher mentoring, professional development, curriculum design and educational publishing in the United States and Brazil. Wicht holds an MaED in Language and Literacy, a BA in English and certification in secondary education from Hamline University, St. Paul, MN. Wicht is a qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.


As the senior manager of Teaching and Learning with Learning for Justice, formerly Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Wicht led content development on the award winning viewer’s guide to Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot and Teaching Tolerance  K-12, literacy-based, anti-bias curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards as well as the publications Beyond the Bus and Let’s Talk: Discussing Race, Racism and Other Difficult Topics with Students. She is a contributing writer on Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice Standards, Code of Conduct: A Guide to Responsive Discipline, Civil Rights Done Right and Teaching Tolerance’s The March Continues: Five Essential Practices for Teaching the Movement. Additional Learning for Justice articles authored by Wicht can be found here


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Since 2012, Wicht has facilitated professional development on anti-bias education at national conference events hosted by the National Council for Teachers of English, National Council for Social Studies, Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color, National Association of Multicultural Educators, Association of Middle Level Educators, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, American School Counselor Association, Human Rights Campaign and the National Coalition on School Diversity. More recently, she provided professional development for Global Islam and Arts Teacher Fellows through the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, for Chicago-area educators at the IL Holocaust Museum and Education Center on “Confronting Bias and Facilitating Difficult Conversations,” for CA educators through the Museum of Tolerance FREE virtual PD for CA educators as well as provided content for the America Divided Viewer's Guide and led development of Black History in Two Minutes (or so) Season One Teaching Guide.

Wicht’s master’s thesis, How does the explicit instruction of a multiple lens through literature affect reader response to text? (2007) was awarded the Beulah Benton Tatum award for research in multicultural issues, and she is the recipient of the 2015 Adam Solomon Award for Excellence from the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, NY. 

Wicht believes this work requires collaboration.


Wicht Consulting Inc accesses a network of K-16 educators from across the United States, representing content and grade level expertise in primary years instruction, elementary years instruction, middle level social studies, middle level special education, middle level math, middle level English language learners, middle level English language arts and literacy, middle level science, middle level global languages, high school English language arts, K-12 art, high school science, high school social studies, high school literacy coaching, high school math, high school counseling, building- and district-level administrators to most effectively work directly with independent, public and private schools across the United States and Brazil.

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